Project Description

1975 ДУДуС

1986 Institute of Graphic and Book Art, Leipzig, Germany

1986 оноос  ДУДС багш

2014 Профессор

Since 1986 work shown in UMA exhibition and international exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Korea,Czechoslovakia, Poland, Russia, Japan, India, China, Norway, France, Germany, Finland and USA

Since 1992 work shown in “Oran zai” art association exhibition

Since 1986 Mongolian femaleArtists


1995,1999,2005, 2007, 2009  Solo exhibition, Ulaanbaatar

1996 Solo exhibition, Seoul, Korea

2001Solo exhibition, Wurzburg, Germany

2009  Eternal Sky,  Berkley, San-Francisco, USA

2014 Solo exhibition, Fraunfeld- Neuchatel,Swiss,

2000 Mongolian exhibition, New York and San Francisco, USA

2000 Our Line-Our Tone, joint exhibition

2001 Nine Treasures, Mongolian woman artists exhibition, Bonn, Germany

1990-2013Joint exhibitions in Mongolia,Tsukuba, Japan, Seoul, Jeju, Degu,Sejong,Deajeon, Art Center,The 8th9thGongju International Art Festival Korea,Japan,Khoh-Hot, Chang chungChina, SofieBulgaria, Warsaw Poland, Budapest Hungary, Kiew Ukraine,Irkutsk, Russia,

2007International Art festival 2007 Qingdao, China

2007 Shouts of Mongolia, Est red gallery, Shanhai,China

2007 Art Shanhai 200, Shanhai, China

2007 Joint calligraphy exhibition in Khaan bank

2004,2005The Best Artwork, UMA art gallery

2008 Stars of Far east, international exhibition, Korea

2009 Calligraphy joint exhibition

2009 Calligraphy international exhibition, Beijing, China

2010 International art exchange association exhibition

2010 10 Countries Exchange Exhibition of Art Professor

2011Calligraphy exhibition, UMA art gallery

2011 Grad Art, Joint exhibition, Paris.France

2011 Modern Mongolia, Hong Kong

2012 Mongolian painting art association exhibition

2012Joint exhibition in Mongolia, China, Korea,

2013 10th Gongju international art festival, Korea

2014 Mongolian and Korea woman exhibition

2015 Joint exhibition in Mongolia,

2015 11th Gongju international art festival” Korea.

2015 Chan Chung  international art festival, China.

2015 Eurasia art Transit, Irkutsk, Russia

1999 Leading cultural worker medal

2002   International Contribution award, Seoul World Art Exhibition

2003 Silver Belt prize, Oronzai exhibition

2005 Honorary medal of labor

2012 Pole Star state award