1967-1971- Graduated Mongolian National University of Education as a painter

1971-2003- Painter of Advertisement and printing in Mongolian Cinemas
2003- Freelance Artist

1961- Exhibition of “40th anniversary of Mongolian People’s Revolution”
1987- Exhibition of “Peaceful Asia”
1990- Exhibition of “Mongolian Secret History-750”
1999- Solo Exhibition of “Decoration of Space”
2006- Exhibition of “Great Mongol Empire-800”
2007- Solo Exhibition of “Sound of Space 2”
2009, 2011- Exhibition of “Script Culture”
2011- Joint Exhibition “The Color of Birth place”
2008- Japan
2008 Republic Korea
2009- San-Francisco, USA
2010- Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation
2015- Joint Exhibition of “Over the place of Onon Balji” in Suvd Gallery
2015- Joint exhibition “Melody of steppe”
2015- Solo Exhibition “Flow of chronology” in UMA Art Gallery

2000- Leading Cultural Worker Medal
2002-Honarary Medal of Labor
2010- Medal of 20th anniversary of Democracy
2011- UMA prize