1975-1980- Graduated Fine Art College as a City Decoration

1980-1984- Painter at UMA brunch in Ulaanbaatar
1984-1988- Graduated National Teacher’s University of Mongolia as a painter
1988-1989- Painter at UMA brunch in Zavkhan province
1989-1991- Painter at Printing and Decorating factory under UMA
1991-1994- Painter at UMA brunch in Selenge province
Since 1994- Member painter of the UMA and freelance artist

From 2003- “Spring” “Autumn” UMA annual exhibition
From 2000- “Exhibition of Woman artists” UMA annual exhibition
2005- Solo Exhibition in Fine Art Museum
2005- “The 8th in the North East Asia Regions” in South Korea/Republic of Korea/
2006- “The wind of Mongolia” in Saint-Avent France
2006- “Mongolia” in San-Francisco USA
2007- “Best Fine Art” exhibition
2007- “Anniversary of Selenge province” exhibition
2009- Joint exhibition in Germany
2009- “Last students of Odon” Joint Exhibition
2010- “Ulaanbaatar 370” exhibition
2011- Solo Exhibition in UMA Art Gallery
2011-Solo Exhibition in Tokyo Japan
2012-2014- “Autumn” Joint Exhibition of Woman artists
2014- “Flowers” Solo Exhibition in Suvd Gallery
2016- “Woman Artists Exhibition” in Taiwan

2016- Altangadas