Brief biography of Nyamyn Adyaabazar

Born on November 7, 1954 in Central Zuunmod, he graduated from a 10-year secondary school in Zuunmod, 1962-1972.

On February 1, 1972, he started working as an assistant artist in the Tuv branch of the Mongolian Craftsmen’s Union.

1974-1977 Served in the 065th People’s Army Unit and worked as an artist for the unit’s staff.

After graduating from the State Teachers’ Training College in 1981, he became a member of the Mongolian Craftsmen’s Union and worked as a professional artist and head of an art association in the Tuv branch of the union.

In 1987, he was awarded the 5th and 6th year gavshgai, in 1986, he was a deputy of Zuunmod city, in 1987, he was a labor champion of Tuv aimag, and in 1989, he was awarded a bronze medal in the State Competition for Young Artists.

He has been working as a freelance artist of the Mongolian Art Union since 1990.

In 1996, he won the Mongolian Art Union Award for the best work of the year for his works “Still Life”, “Moonlit Night” and “Break”.

In 2001, he was awarded the title of the Best Cultural Worker of Mongolia, in 2002 he was awarded the first place gold medal at the 60th anniversary exhibition in Zuunmod, Tuv province, in 2003 he was awarded the Labor Medal, and in 2005 he was awarded the “HEAVENLY FAIRY” award. In 2006, at the “IKH MONGOLIA-800” anniversary exhibition, he was awarded the First Prize, Honor and Silver Prize for the best work “Heroes of the Empire”.

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